Context & Brief

The Architecture Foundation of BC promotes BIG IDEAS that recognize sustainable design, architectural merit and innovation in order to advance the knowledge and practice of the design of sustainable buildings in British Columbia.

The AFBC invites the participants of this competition to explore, rethink, question and experiment with new ideas that will challenge the concept of the regional house and the way we live.

Historically, most houses were constructed as ‘100 mile’ houses from caves, sod houses, log cabins and stone houses to the First Nations’ indigenous cedar houses, tepees and igloos. People worldwide used whatever available materials were at hand to build shelters for themselves and their families. But is this possible in a modern 21st Century city like Vancouver? This competition will challenge all participants to rethink the way we live and select materials, systems and technology that reflect this reality in the world of computers, the internet, Facebook, etc…  Participants are encouraged to challenge the logic of the present, formulate new questions, and explore variations that will allow new potentials for living.

Geographically, we have selected the City of Vancouver to be the focus of the competition for the ‘100 Mile House’. Participants are challenged to design a house to accommodate 4 people with a maximum area of 1200 square feet (111M2) using only materials and systems made/ manufactured / recycled within 100 miles of the City of Vancouver. A hypothetical flat, corner site of 33′ X 120′ (10.0 M X 36.6 M) will be used for the context (See Site Plan Here). All city services (water, sewer, storm drain, natural gas and electricity) are available to the property line should the entrant choose to use them.

Affordability, while important, is NOT the focus of this competition. Competitors are free to propose any alternatives but the concept of the 100 Mile House should equally apply to luxury finishes and products. Being environmentally conscious is not always dictated by cost.

Similarly, zoning and building bylaws of the City of Vancouver are important criteria in reality but again are NOT the focus of the competition. Competitors are not expected to know the bylaws and building codes of a specific area but general construction practice should be demonstrated. The applicability of the solutions to other jurisdictions will be important regardless of minor variances in building codes. It is hoped that necessity, as the mother of invention, will foster/ create prototypes that could be modified and the ideas exported to any geographic area. All submissions should demonstrate the integration of local social, technological, economic and aesthetic sustainability into the final solutions.

This is a global competition. Architects, designers, artists, students and other environmentally conscious creators from around the world are encouraged to submit their ideas.

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Registration Deadline is 5:00 p.m., April 19, 2012
Registration (General and Technical Awards)

The registration fee for all submissions (except students) is $50.00 CDN per submission. Entrants may submit more than one entry.

Student Registration

Registration for the Student Category is $20.00 CDN per submission. Entrants may submit more than one entry.

How to Enter

  • Step One: Register via Paypal (See Bottom)
  • Step Two: Record your Paypal Unique Transaction ID (A 17-character string; do not include “#” sign)
  • Step Three: Entry Identification Form (Click Here)
  • Step Four: Submit (Details here)


Registration Category

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Submission Requirements


All submissions shall be anonymous for judging. NO markings, logos, company or individual names, or any other identification whatsoever will be allowed in the submissions. Any entry displaying any identification will be disqualified at the decision of the Professional Advisor.

All personal information will be kept separate and confidential from the judging Panel (See Entry Identification Form). Entries will be compiled digitally by an external third party to facilitate judging. Only after all judging is completed will the identification of the entries be made available.

The only exception will be to identify the entry as specific to the Student Award.


  • Once registration fee has been processed (via Paypal), an unique Paypal Transaction ID will be available to participant – one ID per submission;
  • submission shall be received digitally as PDF (for panels) and JPEG preview files; physical panels will not be accepted;
  • submissions must contain a maximum of two panels A1 size maximum (594 mm X 841 mm) plus JPEG preview files at 1920 pixels wide;
  • the panels must be oriented horizontally (landscape) only;
  • a 250 word (maximum) written description of the project highlighting the key points of the submission; typeface should be legible from 3′ distance;
  • typed entry form technical sheet listing sources of all major materials and systems used (include specific products if applicable); get the form here;
  • filename convention: <Transaction ID>_A.pdf (for example: 99999CAT_A.pdf); <Transaction ID>_B.pdf; <Transaction ID>_A.jpg; <Transaction ID>_B.jpg; <Transaction ID>_Tech.pdf;
  • please place all files in one folder and label the folder with your Transaction ID only;
  • zip your folder, send your submission via services such as yousendit or wetransfer to ;
  • all entries must be submitted anonymously (see above filename convention);
  • all entries must be submitted in English.

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Kindred Construction
AWMAC BC HydroSmart
Omni Property Management Services PAC Blue Printing
BC Wood
La Scala
A-1 Pallets
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