The Architectural Foundation of British Columbia, along with the organizers of the 100 Mile House Ideas Competition, would like to thank all 57 entrants from 17 countries for their submissions. The jury had a difficult time selecting the five finalists, hailing from two continents and four countries – one Canadian, two American, one Scottish, and one Spanish. In order, they are:


1st Prize: MYCO HOME by Tony Osborn (Vancouver, Canada)

“We can reduce the region’s waste, in-crease energy efficiency, contribute to food independence, create affordable housing, teach people skills, and strengthen com-munities with a building system that is made, used and recycled right here.” – Tony Osborn



2nd Prize: Zero E House by Neil Burford, Alex Pearson, Joseph Thurrott Architects (Dundee, Scotland)

“It uses both active and passive environmental technologies to achieve net zero energy use. Its external rainscreen skin, protecting a Passivhaus envelope, has been designed to be interchangeable to suit contexts, legislation, and material availability. All major materials and components of this net zero house can be sourced locally from the 100 mile radius of Vancouver’s city centre.” – Alex Pearson



3rd Prize: Won Jin Park (New York, USA)

The house is small, simple in form and material palette, to make the house  affordable, sustainable, energy efficient.  At the same time, the house responds to  local context and climate with the use of locally manufactured concrete masonry  block, reclaimed Douglas-fir wood slats and many sustainable strategies including  solar panels, geothermal heating, radiant floor, passive cooling, green roof, living  wall and permeable paving.” – Won Jin Park



Innovation Prize: The Bee House by Renee Ferguson and Michelle Krochmal (Oyster Bay, USA)




Student Prize: Laura Lariño Diaz and Dario Adaíl Ferrer (Madrid, Spain)