This is an open world wide competition and we seek submissions from as far a geographic reach as possible. The competition is open to all creative thinkers including but not limited to architects, building designers, residential designers, technologists, artists, landscape architects, inventors and any member of the general public interested in sustainable living. While the program identifies Vancouver as the epicentre of the 100 Mile radius it is hoped that the design principles promoted will be applicable to many locations on our shared planet.

Entrants may submit either as individuals or as a group.  Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged so as to get the broadest input possible in the solution. All submissions will be anonymous and the judges will not be aware of the entrant (s) backgrounds.  The Student Award category will be the only exception and the judges will have no information regarding the identities of the entrants other than the fact that they are students.


Not Eligible

No member of the Board of Directors of the AFBC, the Professional Advisor, members of the jury, the organizing committee, nor the respective professional partners of the foregoing are eligible to submit entries to the competition.