Judging & Evaluation Criteria


Main Awards

We have purposely left the judging criteria vague so as to promote the largest spectrum of possibilities and not preclude any ‘out of the box’ solutions. First and foremost, the aspiration of the competition is to have the winning entries be made / manufactured / recycled within 100 Miles of Vancouver.



Having stated the above, sustainability is paramount and will be an important judging criteria in all choices of materials, systems, and architectural design. Given the geographic limitations of a 100 Mile radius from Vancouver, it may or may not be possible to locate certain materials. The jury alone will have the discretion to weigh this aspect of the submission and will make their decisions accordingly. The higher the content of “regional materials” the more judging credit will be afforded the submission. Participants are encouraged to understand the sustainable aspects of the materials and systems in selecting their choices, and not just that they are sourced within 100 miles. (See Submission Requirements for further details.)


100 Mile Sourcing

It is the spirit and  intent of the competition to have the greatest possible content of materials locally sourced. It is possible that some materials or systems may NOT be available within the 100 mile radius of this competition. It is equally important to identify in your submissions, any such impediments for future civic and industry discussions.  The sources of all major components, materials and systems will need to be identified on the submission forms.  The winning entries will be checked for accuracy. Note: Entrants are not expected to know the origin of every single component of every product.  It would be unduly onerous to do so. The spirit of the competition however, is whether the part was made or manufactured locally within 100 Miles. Merely purchasing the product at a local retail outlet does not qualify.


Architectural Merit 

Architectural Merit will be another important judging criteria. In addition to being sustainable and locally sourced, the entries will be judged on their design and aesthetics.


Judging Criteria NOT Applicable 

All categories for awards will NOT be judged on affordability nor compliance with existing regulations. (See Context and Brief for further discussion).


Technical Innovation Award

This special award will recognize inventors and creators who may not be architects or designers but have a significant contribution to sustainability by way of an innovative device, system, or material not presently used in residential construction in Vancouver.


Student Award

This special award will be given to a full time student registered in either high school or a post secondary institution. The intention of this award  is to foster creativity and critical thinking in the next generation of designers and creators. It will recognize and encourage participation at all levels of expertise.

Student submissions should be identified ONLY by the category of submission. There should be no other identification on the submission other than the category under which it is being submitted. The status of the winning entrant for the Student Award will be confirmed before the award is given. (See submission criteria).