The Fine Print


Ownership and Copyright

The ownership and copyright of all entry materials submitted remains with their respective creators. By submitting an entry to this competition the entrant agrees to allow the Architecture Foundation of BC the right to display, publish and otherwise exhibit all materials submitted in magazines, books, websites and other media to be determined. Credit will be given to the authors of the material. Participants assume all responsibility for any breach of intellectual property rights or copyright entitlements of others.


AFBC Competition Sponsorship

The AFBC maintains ownership and copyright of the competition, the name, website, publications and exhibitions.


Future Commission

This is an Ideas Competition and the winning entry will not result in an architectural commission. However, it is the aspiration of the Foundation to build the winning entry in the future as a prototype for exhibition.   The successful entrant will be contacted for the commission. By submitting to this competition all entrants grant permission to the Architecture Foundation of BC to build the winning entry should the Foundation secure appropriate sponsorship for such a project.


Architectural Institute of BC (AIBC)

The Architectural Institute of BC regulates the practice of architecture in the Province of BC.  This competition is in compliance with AIBC Bylaws and policies and has been endorsed by the AIBC.